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Draught beer tower

The LOTUS is a one-way draught beer tower with a stainless steel and chrome plated body, also available with gold-plated brass body. Comes with the option to combine satin and chrome finishes for a more stylish tower design. This single faucet towers has a light-up badgeholder.

CELLI Lotus - Draught beer tower



  • 5/8” 1/2”


The secret to the perfect draught beer tower

Lotus is the draught beer tower manufactured by Celli with the imprint of the best italian professional design. In this draught beer tower the harmonious shape develops dynamically upwards and the high-quality materials enhance the sophisticated character of the body.

All models of draught beer tower and dispenser by Celli S.p.A. are available in a wide variety of body styles and are already equipped with a tube that features some special characteristics: the material used is in stainless steel Aisi 301/316, as well as the bushing at the outlet, where it comes into contact with the tap. The application of this bushing takes place through expansion, and not for welding; with this procedure, the drink comes into contact exclusively with Aisi 301/316 stainless steel, specific for use with food products, avoiding the transfer of flavors and oxidations due to welding.

The Celli company believes that consumers deserves a unique and engaging beer drinking experience. Our draft beer dispensing equipment is the result of our constant technological research and innovation.
To address the needs of different consumption models and traditions around the world, Celli developed the broadest range of glycol cooled 
draft systems, beer spouts and tap towers; now true cornerstones in the sector of draft beer dispensing.
The draft beer towers created by Celli enhance the barman's work in the art of pouring, which represents a source of pride and motivation for barmen. They are pure design elements that intensify the point of consumption and multiply the consumer experience with barman professionalism by making draught drinks. Plus, the branding and customization of Celli
beer tap machines and beer faucets turn them into an icon of style and functionality and make the brand personality stand out. 

Why limiting the draught beer experience only to the moment of drinking a perfectly cold draft beer?

A clear mission: to let our clients and consumers enjoy the very best dispensing and drinking experience by building a concrete brand and using new technology to guarantee our impact on the environment. As the world changes, Celli is embracing the challenge of meeting and anticipating the needs of a new type of user, one who is switched on when it comes to quality and sustainability.

The future of beverage consumption must be sustainable and draught beverages are by nature a sustainable choice, for instance. Celli is committed to the cause by developing dedicated and targeted technological projects that ensure dispensing equipment has the least possible environmental impact, without sacrificing efficiency. All this, by the implementation of new cooling techniques that use ecological refrigerant gases (R290), as well as energy saving systems, and materials sourced from circular economy industrial projects.

Our company assets include high-quality solutions that boast excellent innovation and design, allowing us to become world leaders in the beverage dispensing industry. Today, our business is undertaking a radical transformation: guiding drinking experiences towards a complete consumer engagement, thanks to digital project development. For us, digitalisation is a key value with which to encourage sector operators and consumers to completely overhaul the beverage industry and turn into one that’s better connected and more usable, accessible and immediate: say hello to the future of beverage dispensing.

Cutting-edge draught beer tower and dispensing equipment

Advanced technologyhigh-quality, innovation and design.
These are the main elements that characterize our commitment in the development of soft drink fountains and
draft beer machines; also hot beverages, juice and wine tap systems. The drinks and beer dispensing sector is an evolving market, where the drinking and the branding experiences become fundamental in the relationship with the beverage market and the final consumer. The branding and customization of Celli beer faucets and draught beer towers turn them into icon of style and functionality and make the brand personality stand out; but to deal with the needs of increasingly competitive beverage markets, it is necessary to find solutions in an ever faster and more intuitive way.

Through digital beverage solutions and multivalve technology, Celli’s machines can manage and mix different combinations of drinks and improve them with personalized flavours. Our innovative IoT platform for the remote management of installations allows smart
beer systems and smart soft drink dispensers to monitor in real time the status of the machine, consumptions rate, promotions, prices and payments; promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all dispensers installed.
An incredible solution from a management point of view, but above all from a sustainable one. The setup and use of draught beer installations indeed avoids the expensive bottling processes and also transportation and distribution costs. Celli is the high-quality and customizable brand of
coke fountains and beer dispenser machines with low environmental impact; especially for on-the-go drink consumption.

The beer dispensing equipment designed by the company optimize the offer and customize the experience of consumers towards the beverage brand, based on the data and informations collected. This also gives the possibility of using specific marketing strategies to support some specific HoReCa segments.

Sustainability meets Celli's draught beer tower series

After several years, the
commitment of the Celli Group progresses with the development of further draft beer systems, and innovations that satisfy the needs of consumers and the environment. All this, by exploiting the less possible amount of material and energy resources, with a consequent lower environmental impact.

Highly efficient
, reliable and with energy saving functions. These are the key elements of the new IoT evolution that allow our machines to reach high standards. Iot opens new strategic possibilities for the big brands and endless applications. The main companies in the cold and hot beverage sector – including Carlsberg, Heineken, Asahi, Budweiser and Molson Coors – have chosen Celli as their key partner to design and manufacture the most sustainable and captivating projects.

IntelliDraught digital platform for smart draught beer machines

The Iot revolution has already started in Celli. We are breaking down the barriers that limit the drinking and draughting experience to the moment of the service and introducing new endless possibilities for HoReCa businesses and consumer engagement.
The best way to do this, it’s via new IoT developments, like digital recognition systems. For instance, QR codes and NFC tags can be applied to reusable bottles or glasses and used as powerful business and marketing management tools; the same goes for beer tap systems and draught beer machines.

The Intellidraught technology can make the draught equipment interactive, and benefits dispensing system suppliers, marketing units, beer and beverage producers, service centres, point of sale owners, and consumers themselves. They can access to an impressive amount and variety of data that improve efficiency and save resources of their businesses.

This innovation provides remote control over all the host systems through the ability to check the ideal conditions of
draft machines at all times; or to take immediate action in case of damages and problems. It therefore allows to leverage on huge potentials and to achieve true competitiveness; sharp reduction of downtimes, limited on-site interventions, optimal spare part supply management.
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