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Three to six way beer tower

The HAVANA is a three to six-way tower with an chrome-plated stainless steel body and optional light-up badgeholders. Eco-sustainable packaging is available for the Italian market.

CELLI Havana - Three to six way beer tower


  • 5/8” 1/2”



Beer dispensing font

For years, Celli has brought the quality and unique design of beer dispensing fonts and countertop and undercounter systems to bars and restaurants all over the world, guaranteeing the best drinking and branding experience. The unmistakable and high-quality design is the result of the union between the strong visual impact and the cutting-edge technologies applied. Each beer dispensing column signed by Celli enhances the tapping at its best and serves exceptional beer, representing a source of pride and motivation for every barman.

Unique design elements, which enhance the experience of dispensing beer and drinks on tap and multiply the consumer's experience with the professionalism of the barman. In addition, the customization and branding process of the tapping font or the beer faucet makes them icons of style and functionality and highlights the identity of the beverage brand.
Celli offers a rich series of the best taps and under counter systems, available in different models and versions depending on the intended use, and completely customizable to meet each specific customer request.

To meet the needs of customers from all over the world, Celli has developed a series of ranges with all types of beer fonts, beer coolers, beer dispensing systems and accessories; systems that today represent real cornerstones in the beverage dispensing market, the result of constant technological research and innovation that has led them to reach the highest quality levels. Choosing a Celli beer dispenser system means choosing an exceptional beer dispensing for your business and for your customers, which does not alter the temperature of the beer or the level of carbon dioxide. The dispensing of draft beer will no longer be the same!

The mission of the Celli Group is clear: to offer customers the best experience of tapping and consuming draft beer never had before, through the identity of the beverage brand and the new technologies applied, while also guaranteeing a low environmental impact. Thanks to its attention to the environment, the Celli company has also managed to conquer a new type of consumer, who is more active and involved in quality and sustainable products.
Today the beverage tapping market is undergoing a radical transformation: we want to lead the consumer towards total involvement through the drinking experience and also new digital projects. In fact, digitization has always been one of Celli's key values, which then materialized in a real revolution in the beverage industry by sector operators and consumers, making it more connected and accessible, usable and immediate. This is the new future of beverage dispensing; the future, however, which must be envisaged in an increasingly sustainable perspective.

Draft drinks are by nature an eco-sustainable choice, even more enhanced by Celli through targeted technological projects, which generate the lowest possible environmental impact. During the construction of each draft beer system, checks and additions are carried out with new ecological techniques, which do not reduce the overall efficiency of the machine. These include new refrigeration techniques for Celli beer coolers, such as ecological refrigerant gases (R290), energy saving functions and materials from circular economy projects.

Professional and unique design systems and beer dispensing fonts

Professional design, cutting-edge technology, high quality materials. These are the key elements behind the design of every single under counter beer dispenser, draft beer system and juice, wine and soft drink dispenser. The tapping service activity is constantly evolving. All experiences related to drinking and branding depend on it, which are of primary importance in the relationship between the dispensing company and the end customer. Faced with increasingly competitive markets, however, it is necessary to find ever faster and more intuitive solutions; for example by exploiting digital and advanced tools, such as multivalve technology that allows the soft drink dispenser to mix different combinations of drinks and enhance them with personalized flavors.

Among the latest technologies developed, there is also the innovative IntelliDraught digital platform, designed by Celli to allow remote management of the professional beer dispensing system. Now it is possible to monitor the status of the smart dispenser in real time and collect data and information, such as the quantity and type of drinks, promotions, prices and payments.
This system also allows you to act promptly and effectively on the maintenance status of the dispenser and to offer immediate assistance in the event of malfunctions or necessary spare parts. A surprising solution from the management point of view, but above all from that of sustainability. The installation and use of a draft plant avoids expensive bottling processes and also the huge costs of transporting and distributing bottled or caned beverages.

Each Celli beer dispensing column and dispensing system is therefore a guarantee of high quality levels and a low environmental impact. The dispensers designed by Celli can completely customize the consumer experience towards the beverage brand and optimize the offer, based on the data and information collected. All this also offers the possibility of studying targeted marketing strategies to support the HoReCa segments.
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