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  • Coca Cola products

    Celli is partner of Coca Cola in the manufacturing of tap systems that are increasingly efficient, sustainable and have an outstanding visual impact.

All types of Coca Cola
soft drink dispenser

In Celli we strongly believe that our consumers deserve unique beverages and to live an engaging drinking experience through our fountain equipment. In order to address the needs of different dispensing traditions around the world, Celli developed the broadest range of all types of coke fountain machine and post mix dispenser for Coca Cola.
The Celli Company transformed how people enjoy carbonated soft drink beverages delivering great quality and beverage variety through a sophisticated and captivating design, combined with practicality and a cutting edge technology.
The highly ergonomic draught systems and their efficient styling fit into all types of business, such as restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels, dispensing over a 100 different combinations of carbonated beverages.

Celli is always in support of the HoReCa sector. We put ourselves in the shoes of those who manage the tapping systems and analyze the most innovative technologies to create efficient and reliable IoT solutions. With the opening of the new Celli Asset Management platform, we are able to track every single intervention and equip the technicians with the necessary spare parts to intervene within a few hours of reporting.

The developmental strategy followed by Celli is based around the following four cornerstones:
  • Sustainability meets technology, so that our water dispensers have the least possible environmental impact.
  • Hygiene allied to ergonomics, a combination that is as important for end users as it is for service personnel.
  • Product innovation, in terms of the technology deployed and the potential of new solutions, including the new frontiers of digital engagement.
  • Strategic planning, aimed at supporting the development of new draught machines in line with market trends and the new needs of the users.

Sustainability meets our
soft drink dispensers

Celli is an Italian company founded over forty years ago specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of dispensing systems for beer, soft drinks and water. Throughout our growth, we’ve been driven by the belief that our direct competitor isn’t other manufacturers of dispensing machines, but rather the bottle itself; meaning how people behave towards beverage consumption and what this implies for the environment. The concept of beverage dispensing offers a far more sustainable alternative. This is even more important in the case of water since the world is hardly facing the issue of its scarcity.

Conscious that the challenge for a better world can only be won by joining forces, Celli chooses to communicate how sustainable quality helps protect and improve the well-being of the planet.
The complete range of beverage dispensing equipment have made Celli popular with consumers and valuable to customers, offering an innovative drinking experience all over the world, while respecting the environment and primary resources. With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, Celli is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, support active, healthy living, create a safe, inclusive work environment for our associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate.

This is what makes Celli a unique reality and a leading company in the sector of drink refrigeration and tap drinks, refreshing consumers with its well-known coke fountains.
With Celli, converting the current beverage consumption model from the bottle to the dispensing and refill systems will be increasingly feasible.

There’s no doubt that viewpoints on sustainability are changing. Today more than ever, sustainability has a crucial role in investment decision making. The Celli Group is the company at the forefront of the revolution with always innovative beverage solutions and shaking up the industry by replacing bottles and cans with a new generation of smart dispensing machines. 

The most advanced coke dispensers

, technology, quality and design: these are the main elements that characterize Celli's commitment in the development of coke dispensers. The beverage dispensing sector is an evolving market, where drinking and branding experience become decisive in the relationship with the beverage world and with the final consumer.

To deal with the needs of increasingly competitive and ever-changing markets, it is necessary to find solutions in an ever faster and more intuitive way. Through multivalve technology, Celli offers digital beverage dispensers that can manage and mix different combinations of drinks and enhance them with personalized tastes and flavourings. With Celli’s innovative IoT platform for the remote management of installations, our smart soda fountain machines can also monitor in real time the status of drink dispenser machines, consumption, offer management, promotions, prices and payments, promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all the machines installed.
This is an efficient solution from a management stand point but above all from an eco-sustainable one. The use of soft drink installations, in fact, not only avoids the expensive bottling processes but also transportation and distribution costs. Celli is the high-quality, customizable and sustainable brand of draft systems and coke dispenser machines; especially for on-the-go beverage consumption.
The cola dispensers and post mix machines by Celli can optimize the offer and customize the experience of people towards the brand, based on the data collected by consensus from the consumer. This also offers the possibility of activating differentiated trade marketing strategies thanks to the data, to support specific HoReCa segments.

Energy saving, efficiency and reliability can now reach new high standards thanks to the IoT. It allows for endless applications and opens new strategic possibilities for the big brands. The main companies in the soft drinks sector - including Coca Cola - have chosen Celli as a strategic partner to develop the most innovative projects.
The commitment of the Celli Group continues year after year with the development of further sustainable drink dispenser machines, able to offer solutions that satisfactorily meet the needs of consumers. All this, using a smaller amount of material and energy resources, with a consequent lower environmental impact.

Celli’s innovations will always support Coca Cola to spread the enjoyment of beverage dispensing by revolutionizing the art of refreshing the world, one drink at a time.

Reach maximum hygiene with our soft drink machines

One of the problems that concern dispensed soft drinks is the cleaning and the hygiene of the lines. It is widely known that some beverages can create sediments and build up bacteria within the lines. This phenomenon is also escalated by high ambient temperatures and product rotation, that is to say, the less drink is drafted, the more serious the problem becomes. That's why it is important to consider the cleaning process as part of the post mix system itself, and not as an extra option. A measure that surely slows down the building up of deposits is the rinsing of the lines at the end of every use. Therefore the importance of a quick and efficient line rinsing and cleaning.
For this reason, Celli offers a wide range of wall mounted rinsing heads that are easy to install and use, and many accessories which are meant specifically for cleaning the components of the soft drink dispenser. The rinsing process of the lines can be carried out in a simple way at any time.

Cosmetal, the Celli Group company specialised in water dispensing, has just developed new hygienic solutions to safely supply drinking water from usage points at home, in the workplace, offices, waiting rooms and all public venues. New models of touchless dispensing system; drinking machines with UVC-LED technology; beverage systems for ozone sanitation.
Innovative technologies and touchscreen systems allow the consumer to select over different carbonated and natural beverages, creating an innovative drinking experience for the consumer.
Safety and quality for a full, interesting consumer experience. Discover our range of water dispensers.