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Draught beer tower

The LOTUS PLUS is a four, five or six-way tower. Painted grey aluminium draught beer tower with optional light-up body and badgeholder.

CELLI Lotus Plus - Draught beer tower
  • 5/8” 1/2”

  • 4/5/6 DISPENSERS


The draft beer towers by Celli S.p.A. are available in a wide variety of body styles and are already equipped with a tube that features some special characteristics: the material used is in stainless steel Aisi 301/316, as well as the bushing at the outlet, where it comes into contact with the tap. The application of this bushing takes place through expansion, and not for welding; with this procedure, the drink comes into contact exclusively with Aisi 301/316 stainless steel, specific for use with food products, avoiding the transfer of flavors and oxidations due to welding. Get the best beer dispensing!
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