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Hi-Tech beer font

The VALY is one of the most iconic towers by Celli. The HI-TECH model features in the GLAM Fonts product line. It is a brass one-way tower with an attractive carbon fibre effect and an optional light-up central badgeholder.

CELLI Valy Hi-Tech - Hi-Tech beer font
  • 5/8” 1/2”



GLAM FONTS: Five different styles, reflecting international trends

For 40 years, Celli towers have been at the heart of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants worldwide. This special heritage has given birth to Glamfonts: a creative and innovative collection of five dressings for your towers, in synch with what’s very trendy in interior design. The Luxury, Contemporary, Minimal, Hi-Tech and Wood dressings have been designed to enrich the towers with even greater personality. In addition, Glamfonts allows you to choose your favourite style to perfectly match the concept and esthetic traits of your bar and restaurant.
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