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We produce drink and beer dispensing equipment since 1975. Today digitization and sustainability are our aims for a new drinking experience.

In its 45 year history, this company has been the protagonist of the evolution of a dynamic sector, i.e. the beverage industry. Today Celli is a leader in Italy and a brand known internationally not only for the quality and the unmistakable design of its products, and most importantly, the digital revolution it's introducing to the beverage world, which is resulting in a complete drinking experience overhaul. Glycol and long draw systems, columns, taps and all dispensing systems are designed, manufactured and tested in the main headquarters in San Giovanni in Marignano (RN).


Celli SpA was created in Rimini in 1974 under the name of Frigotecnica Celli SpA, dedicated to the world of beverage dispensing and cooling. In 2009 the company was in a strong growth phase and hence moved to its current headquarters in San Giovanni in Marignano. In 2013, the Celli family then sold part of the company shares to the Italian private equity fund Consilium. This step projected the company towards great new challenges of expansion and internationalization, transforming a company that is already a leader in the sector of drink and beer dispensing equipment into a virtuous and established multinational company, which today is known as the Celli Group.

Benefitting from the direct experience of its founders, Celli immediately developed a customer-oriented approach. Having a company vision that is always attentive to innovation and technology has led to constant investments in research and development to create increasingly performing and efficient products. These products are, at the same time, sustainable and able to meet the needs of users. Two decisive aspects that have always guided the company: the reduction of the environmental impact that the plants produce and the experimentation of material and components. The R&D team's constant commitment of the Celli Group team has given concrete results. This includes over 30 patents developed in the last 20 years and great results achieved in the use of sustainable materials and substances in its new product line. All this has been achieved without sacrificing excellent performance. Today, the Celli products are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide.
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    The company strongly believes that consumers deserve a unique and engaging consumption experience. The draft beer dispensing equipment is the result of constant technological research and innovation.
    In order to address the needs of different dispensing traditions around the world, Celli developed the broadest range of draft beer systems, beer tower dispensers, beer faucets and drip trays; these are the true cornerstones in the sector of draft beer dispensing.
    The beer tap machines created by Celli enhance the barman's work in the art of pouring, which represents a source of pride and motivation for barmen. They are pure design elements that intensify the point of consumption and multiply the consumer experience with barman professionalism by making draught drinks. Plus, the branding and customization of Celli beer faucets turn them into icon of style and functionality and make the brand personality stand out.
    Why limiting the draught beer experience only to the moment of drinking a perfectly cold draft beer?

    Thanks to the new digital frontiers of the IoT, from today the Celli drinking experience can also be told, shared, programmed and monitored. Furthermore, attention to design is combined with the continuous search for solutions that anticipate the trends in the sector. Examples of this include the adoption of more efficient and ecological refrigerant gases and the constant technical evolution of taps and accessories for beer dispensing equipment.


    Innovation, technology, high-quality and design; these, the main elements that characterize Celli's commitment in the design and production of soft drink and beer dispensing equipment. The Celli company lives and operates in an evolving market, where the branding and the drinking experience become decisive in the relationship with the draft equipment world and with the final user. Through new technological systems, Celli provides beverage products that can mix different combinations of drinks and also with the addition of personalized tastes and flavourings.
    Efficiency, energy saving and reliability can now reach new high standards thanks to the latest IoT researches and developments. New endless applications and strategic possibilities open up for the big drink brands. The main companies in the beverage sector – including Coca Cola and Pepsi for their soft drink dispensers – have chosen Celli as a strategic partner to develop the most innovative and creative projects.


    Today's consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about consumption, and well-being is a priority. Free-from and low-sugar products are in demand as they help promote a healthy lifestyle while on the go. Natural and wellness-conscious products are increasing their market share not only in the food sector, but most significantly, in the beverage sector, be them in the form of herbal teas, flavoured water, wellness drinks or natural drinks that provide heaps of flavour and are good for your body. That's why Celli has come up with a range of interactive water, beverage and beer dispensing equipment that allows users to customise their drinks and enjoy them wherever they want. Efficient and smart drinking dispensers that respond to the new market needs and combine them with the consumer's desire for a healthy lifestyle, while respecting the environment. A drinking experience that is both simple and revolutionary, designed for dynamic customers, who look for customized drinks with aromas, essences, supplements, mineral salts at various carbonating levels.
    Cosmetal is the italian company of the Celli Group dedicated to drinking water dispensing. It is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of innovative and hygienic solutions for filtered water. Every water dispenser is 100% made in Italy and can safely supply water from drinking points of use at home and office, workplaces, waiting rooms and all public venues.


    The drinking experience is at the center of the Celli strategy and today more than ever it is directed towards a total engagement of the user, thanks to the development of digital projects. The new drinking experience does not end at the moment of drinking and using the beer dispensing equipment; it involves end consumers and operators in an unlimited combination of new opportunities. Important collaborations with prestigious partners in the global digital sector such as PTC support us in creating intelligent platforms. IoT platforms can monitor consumption, prevent and report plant malfunctions, allow marketing initiatives to increase people traffic at the point of sale, enhance the brand image and much more.

    The Celli Group came up with one of the widest ranges in the beverage drinking sector, both for the kinds of drinks supplied – such as carbonated beverages, beer and craft beer, juice, hot beverages and wine on draft – and for the different models available. The entire variety of products can also be connected to the IntelliDraught telemetry system, which allows the restaurateur to manage and monitor in real time the status of the dispenser, consumptions levels, offer management, promotions, prices and payments, promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance operations. This is an efficient solution from a management stand point but above all from an eco-sustainable one. The use of a draught machine, in fact, not only avoids the expensive bottling processes but also transportation and distribution costs. This is an effective and sustainable solution, representing a great step forward.

    The commitment of the Celli Group to design more models of increasingly sustainable and efficient draught system continues with the release of further beer dispensing equipment and beverage solutions that meet the necessities of consumers and the environment. All of this, by exploiting the less possible amount of energy and material resources, with a consequent lower environmental impact.

    An unstoppable revolution in beverage consumption is now taking place, and Celli is already contributing to rewrite the future.


    The Celli Group companies work with a trusted, select group of partners to co-create tailored propositions that take customers and businesses through digital transformation and prepare for future challenges.
    The combined expertise leverages the extensive experience and proven track record of partnerships required to create services and products, which meet the immediate needs as well as the aspirations. Celli work in close partnership with academic and research partners to ensure that policy, planning and budgeting decisions are informed by the latest evidence.


    Certifications are essential when guaranteeing product quality and safety. At the same time, they also reassure customers of the value of suppliers and their products. The beverage and beer dispensing equipment is made using materials suitable for consumption, while also complying with electricity and water safety regulations and conforming to very strict industry standards.
    The ETL Listed and ETL Sanitation certifications refer only to a selection of products.