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The new Energy-saving beer tap system

GEO 50 Green is the beer dispenser that allows you to reduce consumption thanks to the high efficiency compressor and greater insulation to reduce heat loss. With the Geo Green pre-mix cooler, tapping will never be the same.

CELLI Geo Green 50L - The new Energy-saving beer tap system
Technical features:
  • Part of the Geo range (top-of-range undercounter systems) the Green Cooler Range allows to minimize the TCO while ensuring the same performance as a Standard R134a system
  • Each configuration includes components that ensure greater energy saving
  • The Green Cooler ES range allows to save 31% to 70% energy compared to a Standard R134a system
  • The used components last twice as long as standard ones


The GEO Green range for draft beer dispensing offers several models that differ mainly in terms of capacity. In addition to GEO Green 50L Celli also offers GEO Green 30L and GEO Green 75L.

Thanks to the technical evolution of Celli, these products are designed to respect the environment and are able to combine reliability with reduced energy consumption. The materials chosen are of the highest quality and allow these systems to guarantee excellent performance over time. The IoT innovation also makes it possible to remotely monitor the quantity of soft drinks dispensed and to check the conditions of the plant. Ease of installation, use and maintenance complete the advantages of Celli draft beer systems. Discover Celli entire range of beer towers, beer lines, drip trays, conversion kits and draught systems.

Celli provides all types of cooling systems, draft beer towers and beverage dispensing systems. Discover the new Tornado Evolution draft beer equipment by Celli, such as the Tornado Evolution 65/L glycol cooling system for an exceptional ice effect and a surprisingly refreshing ice cold beer.

The secret to the perfect
draught beer

In Celli we strongly believe that our consumers deserves a unique and engaging consumption experience. Our draft beer dispensing equipment is the result of constant technological research and innovation.
In order to address the needs of different dispensing traditions around the world, Celli developed the broadest range of beer faucets, draft systems and drip trays, now true cornerstones in the sector of draft beer dispensing. The beer tap systems created by Celli enhance the barman's work in the art of pouring, which represents a source of pride and motivation for barmen. They are pure design elements that intensify the point of consumption and multiply the consumer experience with barman professionalism by making draught drinks. Plus, the branding and customization of Celli beer faucets turn them into an icon of style and functionality and make the brand personality stand out. Why limiting the draught beer experience only to the moment of drinking a perfectly cold draft beer?
Celli's mission is clear: we want to offer our consumers enjoy the very best drinking experience by building a concrete brand and using new technology to guarantee our impact on the environment. As the world changes, Celli is embracing the challenge of meeting and anticipating the needs of a new type of consumer, one who is switched on when it comes to quality and sustainability.
The future of beverage consumption must be sustainable. Draught beverages are by nature a sustainable choice and Celli is committed to the cause by developing dedicated and targeted industrial technological projects that ensure dispensing equipment has the least possible environmental impact, without sacrificing efficiency. And we are able to do so thanks to new cooling techniques that use ecological refrigerant gases, as well as energy saving systems, and materials sourced from circular economy industrial projects.
Our company assets include high-quality solutions that boast excellent innovation and design, allowing us to become world leaders in the beverage dispensing industry. Today, our business is undertaking a radical transformation: guiding drinking experiences towards total user engagement, thanks to digital project development. For us, digitalisation is a key value with which to encourage sector operators and consumers to completely overhaul the beverage industry and turn into one that’s better connected and more usable, accessible and immediate: say hello to the future of beverage dispensing.