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Soft drink fountain

Modularity, design and performance, in a compact highly innovative dispenser: the LEAN FOUNTAIN is the new small-footprint compact Celli dispenser that fits in all the available POS space to expand the fountain business and drive the ROI, even in low and medium volume premises.

CELLI Lean - Soft drink fountain for Pepsi
The LEAN soft drink fountain allows easy installation and smooth conversion from remote to counter-top configuration to meet all installation needs. Telemetry is achieved via advanced diagnostics, which allows to monitor the equipment’s status and to analyze its consumptions. A capacitive touchscreen ensures user-friendly interaction and controls an innovative multivalve to pour the whole portfolio of PepsiCo products through interactive dispensing selection in the push mode or in 4 different pre-set glass doses. The LEAN FOUNTAIN features an automatic top-off to dissolve foam to the desired level, as well as a cutting-edge sanitization system that calls for the technician to implement the appropriate procedure, thus ensuring high-quality beverage dispensing for a superior drinking experience. The LEAN soda fountain machine opens up new market opportunities and provides the benefits of fountain superiority to all premises.

Celli is an international leader of the soft drink fountain equipment such as soda dispensers and cooling beverage systems. Discover the entire range of soda fountain dispensers, such as the new Dynamic Coca Cola soda dispenser.


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