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Beer tap cooler

The TORNADO EVOLUTION 50/L system features Blue Skin Plate housing, double range Gelidus copper tube evaporator, and ice bank electronic thermostat, in a fully covered 50 L type 430 steel version. Available with a water cooling option. It can be equipped with a glycol system for a unique ice effect on the columns and/or to dispense extra cold beer.

CELLI Tornado Evolution 50/L - Beer tap cooler and more
Glycol coolers have been created to obtain an exceptional ice effect on the draft beer towers and dispense a perfectly poured extra cold beer. The frozen condensation on the towers has a stunning visual impact for the consumer, who wants to quench his thirst with a refreshing beverage. With the same aim, Celli has also studied the possibility of dispensing ice-cold beer, for a glacial impact on the senses. The cooler can be installed at some distance from the dispensing towers, using sufficiently thick insulation (min. 19 mm) to minimize the effect of the outside temperature on the recirculation glycol temperature and optimize the performance of the device itself. In this way, an ice effect can be produced on several towers connected in series, making sure that the one with a larger internal volume comes first.

Tornado Evolution/L coolers

Tornado Evolution is the beer tap cooler for anybody who wants to keep the beer keg cold in an efficient way. Complete your dispensing system with this draft beer cooler.

Technical features:
  • Blue Skin Plate Casing
  • Ergonomic lifting handles in plastic
  • Extractable overflow with tube-holder
  • Gelidus copper pipe evaporator with dual level for an increased evaporating surface, and integrated boiler for refrigerant gas recovery
  • The thermostat bulb can be easily removed from the probe in the event of a fault
  • Optimized forced ventilation condenser in aluminium copper, featuring a conveyor with motor-driven fan
  • Adjustable mechanical thermostat
  • Beer and soft drink coils made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and / or AISI 304 stainless steel subjected to pickling and passivation treatment. Length and diameter on the basis of the beverage to be dispensed and target markets
  • Rollers supplied as standard
  • Increased tank insulation to reduce heat dispersion
  • Tank insulation made from HFC-free CO2 polyurethane foam
  • Evaporator brackets with integrated coil spacer
  • function
  • Command panel, with internal box to protect electrical parts
  • Tank drainage system
  • Energy-Saving compressor
Celli provides all types of beverage cooling and dispensing systems and for any kind of drink. Try also the Eclipse Pepsi dispenser, a new draught machine for soft drink, available with Energy Saving system for great energy efficiency.


Nowadays traditional data sources are being supplemented by another source-the product itself. Smart, connected products can generate real-time readings that are unprecedented by variety and volume. With a widespread network of highly qualified technicians and a forty-year experience in the business, Celli – system manufacturer and service operator – turns the partnership with the beverage company into real asset management through IntelliDraught. All this with a clear focus: customers & consumers!
The overwhelming revolution of IntelliDraught is in making dispensing systems 'smart' by allowing them to collect and send data to a processing system to obtain valuable information on the equipment’s status, on the quality of the dispensed beverage, and on consumption habits. With Celli IntelliDraught, producers, service centres, logistic networks, etc. can access an unprecedented amount and variety of data allowing to improve process efficiency and save resources. Celli IntelliDraught provides remote control over all the host systems through the ability to check the perfect conditions of the equipment at all times, or to take immediate action in case of problems. It therefore allows to leverage on huge potentials and to achieve true competitive advantages, including: sharp reduction of downtimes, limited on-site interventions, optimal spare part supply management. IntelliDraught enhances competitiveness with smart connected products. Data and information access today is a crucial wealth for companies and can even become a decisive factor for most. The IntelliDraught system benefits, in particular, dispensing system suppliers, beer and beverage producers, marketing units, service centres, point of sale owners, and consumers themselves, who are ensured high-quality service.
The mission is clear: to let our consumers enjoy the best drinking experience by building a concrete brand and using new technology to guarantee our impact on the environment. 
New digital recognition systems such as QR codes and NFC tags can be applied to reusable water bottles or glasses and used as powerful marketing and business management tools. The same goes for beer tap systems. If it’s equipped with Intellidraught technology, it can be made interactive, allowing users to track consumption, report faults, organise routine and non-routine maintenance in advance and much, much more. New unexplored business opportunities are becoming available to brands thanks to the potential of the IoT. By analysing consumption data, both managers and brands can benefit from greater efficiency in system management, while engaging in a conversation with their consumers, building loyalty through specialised marketing actions.





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