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GEO 20/L

The beer chiller machine

The GEO 20/L system is a high performance pre-mix beer chiller machine. On request, it is available with a maximum of 2 stainless steel coils (single plant), a 7 meter pump, and with a 6.5 meter Compact pump and EBM agitator.

CELLI Geo 20/L - Beer chiller machine

Beer chiller machine from the
GEO range

Technical features:
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Evaporator brakets with integrated coil spacer function
  • Ergonomic lifting handles in plastic
  • Extractable overflow with tube-holder
  • Gelidus copper pipe evaporator
  • The thermostat bubl can be easily removed from the probe in the event of a fault
  • Beer and soft drink coils made of stainless steel. Length and diameter adjustable on the basis of the beverage to be dispensed
  • Adjustable mechanical thermostat
  • Increased tank insulation to reduce heat dispersion
  • Tank insulation made from HFC-free CO2 polyurethane foam
  • Rollers supplied as standard
  • Tank drainage system
  • Standard version: horizontal and streamlined
  • Command panel with internal box to protect electrical parts
  • Energy-Saving compressor

The series of pre-mix beer chiller machine

The GEO range of beer dispensing systems offers several solutions. The GEO models differ mainly in terms of capacity. In addition to GEO 30L Celli also offers two wheeled versions: GEO 50L beer system on wheels and GEO 75L draught beer system.

Thanks to the technical evolution of Celli, these products are designed to respect the environment and are able to combine reliability with reduced energy consumption. The materials chosen are of the highest quality and allow these systems to guarantee excellent performance over time. The IoT innovation also makes it possible to remotely monitor the quantity of soft drinks dispensed and to check the conditions of the plant.

Ease of installation, use and maintenance complete the advantages of the Celli undercounter range.




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