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Extra-cold beer dispenser

The ZEROTECH BEER BOX features an extra cold beer dispenser: the columns can be easily iced with great precision, to dispense extra-cold beers. Equipped with electronic thermostat, this system is handy, quiet, and easy to install in any undercounter system.

CELLI Zerotech Beer box - Extra cold beer dispenser


At Celli technology and design have always characterized innovation. ZeroTech is the revolutionary and modular technology that allows to:

  • Optimize spaces, thanks to an all-in-one system that does not require secondary implants
  • Have a significantly lower environmental impact than traditional refrigerant circuits, not using polluting liquids that require special disposal such as glycol
  • Reduce the installation time of the system, being a single box with a simple connection to the recirculation, already present in the python
  • Having an absolutely silent system during the operation process, a strategic feature for an under counter system
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