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The POLAR MAX tower features a vitreous (sustainable material) structure, ensuring a wide and alluring display, where the logo is visible on all sides.

CELLI Polar Max
Pepsi has chosen Celli for the quality of its soft-drink dispensing systems and for the visual impact of its products, always at the forefront from a technical and design point of view. Celli is committed to creating a real drinking experience, which involves the final consumer through the taste of a perfect tapping and the visibility of a personalized project. For this reason, Pepsi columns combine the unmistakable style of made in Italy with a concentration of research and technology. Innovations such as multivalve technology and the adoption of the touch display on some types of columns show attention to the evolutions of a constantly changing market.
For a more compact design that adapts to every space requirement in bars and restaurants, try the Joy 50 Pepsi fountain machine, an over-the-counter post-mix system with a stainless steel body in which the brand is highlighted.