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Ceramic beer font for Pepsi

Classic is a ceramic font for Pepsi with smooth surface that comes in a range of different finishes, with an optional gold, red or black thread.

CELLI Classic - Ceramic beer font for Pepsi


Celli S.p.A. was a forerunner in the production of ceramic draft beer towers and over the years has supplied the most prestigious brands worldwide. The models and designs of these columns have been and still are highly original and are greatly appreciated by our clients. We have come a long way since the initial production of these towers, and manufacturing technologies have evolved. Over the years we have moved on from ceramic towers to porcelain models and have now decided to make towers which are even more shockproof, using a new material: Semi-Sandstone. We can now supply the market with towers in the styles it knows and likes, with the logos and brands of the drinks dispensed, but in a stronger material. With Semi-Sandstone porcelain, we can also produce handles or even badge holders with logos.
The towers are assembled with 304 stainless steel or stainless steel gilt flash turned rings, with a diameter of 100, 120, 130, 150 and 170, for 1, 2 , or 3 taps, or with elliptical rings with 3 to 6 taps. Rings for postmix valves, from 4 to 8 valves, are also available. Porcelain towers are made by master potters with traditional handcrafting techniques. Porcelain, in comparison to ceramic, is much more resistant to shocks and scratches, it does not absorb liquids and cannot be damaged by detergents. Therefore colours are brighter and more vivid, resisting colour change over prolonged periods of time. Bodies and covers of porcelain towers can be customized with indelible logos.
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