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Discover one of the best selling Pepsi dispenser machine

ADRIA is the pre and post mix dispenser for Pepsi and soft drinks, that features an aluminium body to enhance the brand. Discover the Celli entire range of draught equipment!

CELLI Adria - Partner in developing Pepsi dispenser machine
  • 4,6,8 DISPENSERS

Pepsi has chosen Celli for the quality of its soft-drink dispensing systems and for the visual impact of its products, always at the forefront from a technical and design point of view. Celli is committed to creating a real drinking experience, which involves the final consumer through the taste of a perfect tapping and the visibility of a personalized project. For this reason, Pepsi columns combine the unmistakable style of made in Italy with a concentration of research and technology. Innovations such as multivalve technology and the adoption of the touch display on some types of columns show attention to the evolutions of a constantly changing market.
The set is completed by the Eclipse Vertical ES chiller, one of the best selling Pepsi dispenser that can be positioned under the counter. Suitable for bars and restaurants with large volumes.
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