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New soft drink dispenser for Coca Cola

Smart Tower is the innovative countertop soft drink dispenser created by Celli in partnership with Coca Cola. Dispenser equipped with AISI 304 stainless steel body, with logo highlighted on all sides, and 3 valves. Also available with R290 eco-friendly refrigerant gas.

CELLI Smart tower - New soft drink dispenser for Coca Cola

New Coca Cola Smart tower dispenser

Design and performance in a compact highly innovative tower dispenser: the Smart Tower is the new Celli dispenser for Coca Cola that fits in all the available POS space to expand the fountain business and drive the ROI, even in low and medium volume premises.
Soft drink dispensing is increasingly developing in view of generating a consumer experience capable to retain customers in time and will therefore play a crucial role in the creation of this drinking experience in the next few years.

The Smart Tower ensures user-friendly interaction thanks to a capacitive touchscreen and controls an innovative multivalve to pour the whole portfolio of Coca Cola products through interactive dispensing selection in the push mode or in 4 different pre-set glass doses.

The Smart Tower features an automatic top-off to dissolve foam to the desired level, as well as a cutting-edge sanitization system that calls for the technician to implement the appropriate procedure, thus ensuring high-quality beverage dispensing for a superior drinking experience.

The Smart Tower allows easy 'plug and play' installation and easy management thanks to telemetry, that it is achieved via advanced diagnostics, which allows to monitor the equipment’s status and to analyze its consumptions.
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