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Smart coke dispenser

Smart Joy, the new concept by Celli in partnership with Coca Cola, is the new innovative, compact and affordable counter-top dispenser. Cutting-edge technology and creativity for the best consumer engagement. The perfect solution for premises willing to operate with draught dispensing equipment but characterized by limited available space and mid-low daily consumption.

CELLI Smart Joy - Smart coke dispenser

New smart coke dispenser

The large and engaging Eye-catching 12.1, red design and the fluid lines give a highly attractive modern look and feel. Smart Joy controls the innovative Celli multivalve with 6 syrups, 1 still water and 1 sparkling water, to pour a great variety of beverage combinations, more than 15 beverages with a customized carbonation levels. Smart management, high-performance and high reliability in a connected compact solution, characterized by easy, plug and play installation. All while fully respecting the environment thanks to the eco-friendly cooling gas R290. Thanks to its connectivity, the Smart Joy can accommodate numerous payment solutions: on the spot, using the QR-code, NFC or by external POS and allows smart authentication thanks to the tag reader and the embedded camera.
The Smart Joy is incredibly user friendly, and incorporates specific “game-ification”, allowing a great opportunity to develop and implement new business models. The customizable and personalized user interface enables digital media advertising, triggering buying impulse. In this way, Coca-Cola can promote specific POS terminals, propose a new product launch and a discounted promo prices. Thanks also to the large screen used as media platform when in standby mode. Smart Joy is equipped with 4G modem and WiFi module, and always connected to Celli Cloud via IntelliDraught, a cutting-edge digital platform that allows the operator to review the system status and the dispensing data at all times, to operate remotely and to create data and reports on sales and marketing activities.

Celli is proud to introduce a next-generation countertop coke dispenser that will redefine the entire dispensing equipment world.

Technical features:
  • Dimensions: 760x710x338 mm
  • Capacity: 30 L
  • 1/3 HP compressor
  • Stainless steel AISI 430
  • Dispenser flow rate: 50ml / s
  • Compressor cooling power: 550W
    Manual Area