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JOY 30

Pepsi fountain soda dispenser

The JOY 30 Pepsi fountain soda system features a stainless steel structure with enhanced brand. It is equipped with 4 valves, 660 W compressor capacity, and it is available also with the R290 eco-friendly refrigerant gas.

CELLI Joy 30 - Pepsi fountain soda

The secret to the best
Pepsi fountain soda

Easy use and minimized maintenance:

  • Thanks to smart modularity the cooling section can easily be separated from the rest of the system for easier maintenance
  • Improved maintenance activities thanks to easy to access cables
  • No need to disconnect the hydraulic parts or syrup tubes
  • Great adaptability to every climate and humidity conditions
  • Consistent reliability (best-in-class technology and high-quality made-in-Italy key components)

The Joy range of Pepsi fountain soda

Technical features:

  • Top-level technology in an easy-to-use dispenser
  • Exclusive design for maximum brand enhancement 
  • A wide range of configurations to meet any need
The Joy range is the ideal answer to the maximum standards of beverage groups. An extremely innovative postmix overcounter, which meets the highest needs of major beverage groups. The Joy range was engineered with a top-level technology for an excellent performance and low energy consumption. These energy-saving solutions with eco-friendly cooling gas are totally sustainable and flexible, without compromising in terms of best Italian design: exquisite lines and eye-catching areas for a unique, inimitable style.
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Advanced Pepsi fountain soda machines with IntelliDraught

For the first time, traditional data sources are being supplemented by another source: the product itself. Smart, connected products can generate real-time readings that are unprecedented by variety and volume.
Data now stands on par with people, technology, and capital as a core asset of the corporation and may become the decisive asset for many businesses. With a widespread network of highly qualified technicians and a forty-year experience in the business, Celli – system manufacturer and service operator – turns the partnership with the beverage company into real asset management through IntelliDraught.

All this with a clear focus: customers & consumers!




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