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One of the best selling coke dispenser

The IDEAL 30 coke dispenser features an AISI 304 stainless steel structure with red skin plate, 6 coils, 30L capacity and 1300W power consumption. It is also available with R744 refrigerant gas or with R290 eco-friendly gas.

CELLI Ideal 30 post-mix - Coke dispenser

The secret to the best
coke dispenser

Celli vision on coke dispenser equipment is strongly related to its respect for environment and complete sustainability. The beverage dispensing of wine, beer and soft drinks needs to be environmentally friendly, without neglecting the high-quality of the drink or the coke dispenser. The use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a cooling gas aroused new interest in the past few years due to the high ecological impact of artificial gases. Carbon dioxide is a so-called natural cooling gas: not only is it available in nature all over the world, but it is most of all environmental friendly, i.e. its environmental impact is extremely low. In fact its ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) is zero and, unlike hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), such as R134, which have a significant impact on global warming, its GWP (Global Warming Potential) is only 1. CO2 offers two additional benefits: it is non-flammable (unlike hydrocarbons, such as propane) and non-toxic.

Technical features of the Ideal 30 post-mix coke dispenser:

  • Ice bank: 13 kg = 28,66 LBs
  • Compressor: S
  • Cooling capacity: 660 W
  • Refrigerant: r744 (CO2)
  • Carbonation pump: 400 l/h
  • SODA RECIRCULATION pump: 300 l/h
  • Carbonator total volume: 1800 cc
  • Housing material: skin plate
  • Coil material: stainless steel aisi 304 (pickled and passivated)
  • Electrical rating: 230 V/50 hz
  • Power input: 1300 w

The 'Ideal' range of coke dispenser

The Ideal range was designed to satisfy the highest standards of a coke dispenser. Major beverage groups seek reliability, easy installation, and low consumptions in their equipment to minimize the total cost of ownership without compromises in terms of performance. The Ideal range of soda fountain machines is equipped with long-life and low consumption components; design solutions that allow easy installation and maintenance, as well as the telemetry technology for strategic coke dispenser operation.

Complete your coke dispenser with the new Polar coke fountain machine: a soft drink dispensing tower that features a vitreous (sustainable material) structure, ensuring a wide and alluring display where the logo is visible on all sides.
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