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Post-mix cooler for soft drink

Suitable for large volumes place, Pepsi undercounter systems reach high standards and guarantee excellent performance. Thanks to the technical evolution of Celli, these products are designed to respect the environment and manage to combine reliability with reduced energy consumption. The materials chosen are of the highest quality and allow these systems to guarantee excellent performance over time. The IoT innovation also allows you to remotely monitor the quantity of soft drinks delivered and to check the conditions of the system. Ease of installation, use and maintenance complete the advantages of the Celli undercounter range.

CELLI Brave 120 ES - Post-mix cooler for soft drink
Technical features:
  • Environmental certification in compliance with ISO 14021
  • Tank insulation increased in order to reduce heat loss, and made with polyurethane foam with CO2 expanding gas (HFC free)
  • Command panel with internal protection box to ensure greater protection of the electrical components
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Energy Saving electronic control unit
  • Tank drainage system
  • Telemetry predisposition
  • Energy Saving Components
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