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Glacial beer font

The VALY ICE is a one-way tower with a chrome or gold-plated brass body and ice or condensation effect. Optional light-up central badgeholder.

CELLI Valy Ice - Glacial beer font

  • 5/8” 1/2”



Tube in tube system and double chamber (M30)

In order to prevent not only beer but also detergent used to clean the ways and rinse water, from freezing in the presence of glycol, Celli has studied a special system which consists in 2 tubes one inside the other. Beer flows in the inner tube, while the external one protects the beer line creating a special “air chamber” between the tubes which avoids the freezing of the beer even when glycol is at -5°C. There are 2 tube in tube system typologies, which depend on the diameter of the tubes used and tap connection. The system called M30 double chambre is available only on some tower models. It is characterized by an external tube with a larger diameter which is suitable to put inside a beer plastic line tube up to 11mm o.d. In this case it is possible to use standard taps. The alternative Tube in Tube system, which can be used on all ICE tower models, is characterized by a thinner external tube which is suitable to put inside a beer plastic line tube up to 8mm o.d. In this case the tap must be provided of JG cartridge.
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