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Perfect system for wine on draft

BOTTE is a pre-mix countertop system for wine on draft, with a classic barrel shape and simil wood coating. A surprising dispenser for its performance and traditional design. It can have from 1 to 3 coils and up to 3 integrated taps.

CELLI Botte - System for dispensing wine on draft

The unique experience of
wine on draft

BOTTE is the future of wine on draft. One of the best wine dispensing system that offers high quality wine preserved in stainless steel kegs. A glass of wine has never been so tasting!
More cost savings, less glass bottles of wine to storage and recycle and a reduced carbon footprint.

Technical features:

·  Tank capacity: 8,5 L

·  Ice Bank: 4,5 kg

·  Compressor 1/8 HP

·  HP Casing: Simil wood

All draft beer machines, draught beer towers and soft drink dispensers by Celli S.p.A. are available in a complete variety of body styles and are already equipped with a tube that features some special characteristics; the material used is in stainless steel Aisi 301/316, as well as the bushing at the outlet, where it comes into contact with the tap. The application of this bushing takes place through expansion, and not for welding. This way, the drink comes into contact exclusively with Aisi 301/316 stainless steel, specific for use with food products, avoiding the transfer of flavors and oxidations due to welding.

Try also our Bali wine tap system and enjoy your wine on draft whenever you want.

All types of beer and wine on draft systems

Our consumers deserve to live a unique beverage experience through our drink dispenser machines. As a means of addressing the needs of different dispensing habits around the world, Celli developed the broadest range of draught beer systems and fountain coke dispensers for beverage companies and brands.

The Celli Company transformed how people enjoy refreshing cold drinks delivering great quality and a wide carbonated beverage variety through a captivating design, combined with accessibility and an advanced technology.
The highly ergonomic draught machines and their efficient styling fit into all types of business, dispensing over a 100 different combinations of carbonated beverages.

Celli is always in support of the HoReCa sector, such as restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels. In fact we firmly believe that taking the role of the operators who will be using our tapping systems is a valid way to analyze the most innovative IoT solutions.

The strategic development pursued by Celli is linked to four key points:

  • Technology and sustainability – Beverage dispensers produced creating the least possible environmental impact.
  • Ergonomics & Hygiene – A necessary combination for end users and service personnel.
  • Product innovation – Regarding the technology deployed and the potential of new solutions, including the new frontiers of digital engagement.
  • Strategic planning – The goal is to support the development of new draught systems in alignment with market trends and the latest needs of the consumers.

Technology has a key role to play in unlocking value for a more sustainable future, while improving the immediate benefit our consumer get from our cooling and dispensing solutions. Celli has remained extremely true to its strategy through the years, even during unique and challenging times. We are holding fast to the vision we created and the strategic value we want to create.

Celli boasts one of the widest ranges in the drinking sector, both for the types of drinks supplied – beer, wine, soft drinks, juice and hot beverages – and for the different models available. The entire range of products can also be connected to the IntelliDraught telemetry platform, which allows the restaurateur to monitor in real time the status of the machine. It is an efficient and sustainable solution, representing a great step forward.
An unstoppable revolution in beverage consumption is now taking place and Celli is already helping to rewrite the future.

Sustainable beverage, beer and wine on draft machines

Celli is an Italian company specialized in the design, engineering and manufacturing of dispensing systems for beer, carbonated drinks and water. Throughout our growth, we’ve been driven by the belief that our direct competitor isn’t other manufacturers of dispensing machines, but rather the bottle itself; meaning how people behave towards beverage consumption and what this implies for the environment. The concept of beverage dispensing offers a far more sustainable alternative. This is even more important in the case of water since the world is hardly facing the issue of its scarcity.

There are two main verticals of growth in the Celli company. The first is centered on technology, the second one on sustainability. If the company represents a driving force for climate change, it raises an opportunity and added value to the relationship with the customers.
These two factors are not entirely separate from one another; with the hunger for innovation comes a very solid attachment point for developing a sustainable business model. These two features are the driving force in deepening the partnership with beverage companies and final users.

Aware of the fact that the challenge for a better planet can only be faced and won by joining forces, Celli chooses to transmit how sustainability helps protect and improve the general well-being of the world. The wide range of beverage draft equipment have made Celli popular with users and valuable to consumers, offering an excellent experience all over the world, while respecting the primary resources of the environment. Celli is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint; support active, healthy living; create a safe, inclusive work environment; enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate. All of this, with an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities.

This is what makes Celli a leading company in the sector of drink refrigeration and tap drinks, refreshing consumers with its well-known coke dispensers.
Converting the most widespread beverage consumption model from the bottle to the dispensing and refill systems will be increasingly feasible thanks to the unique reality provided by Celli.

There’s no doubt that viewpoints on sustainability are changing. Today more than ever, sustainability has a crucial role in investment decision making. Celli is the company at the forefront of the revolution with always innovative beverage solutions and shaking up the industry by replacing bottles and cans with a new generation of smart dispensing machines.

The most advanced dispensers for cold beverages, beer and wine on draft

Advanced technologyhigh-qualityinnovation and design; these are the main elements that characterize our commitment in developing a soft drink dispenser or a wine on draft system. The beverage dispensing sector is an evolving market, where drinking and branding experience become crucial in the relationship with the beverage world and with the final customer.

To deal with the needs of increasingly competitive and ever-changing markets, it is necessary to find solutions in a faster and more intuitive way than before. Through digital beverage dispensers and multivalve technology, Celli draft systems can manage and mix different combinations of drinks and enhance them with personalized flavours.
The innovative IntelliDraught digital platform for the remote management of installations allows smart machines to monitor in real time the status of the drink dispenser, consumptions rate, offers and promotions, prices and payments. Promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all the systems installed.
A great solution from a management point of view but above all from an eco-friendly one. The use of soft drink machines not only avoids the expensive bottling processes, but also transportation and distribution costs. Celli is the high-quality, customizable and eco-sustainable brand of coke dispensers and coke dispenser machines; especially for on-the-go drink consumption.
The cola dispensers and post mix machines by Celli optimize the offer and customize the experience of consumers towards the beverage brand, based on the data collected by consensus. This also gives the possibility of activating differentiated marketing strategies to support specific HoReCa segments.

Safety, efficiency and energy saving can reach high standards thanks to the new IoT evolution. It opens new strategic possibilities for the big brands and allows for endless applications. The main companies in the cold and hot beverage sector – including Coca Cola and Pepsi for their soft drink fountains – have chosen Celli as a key partner to design and produce the most captivating and sustainable projects.

After many years, the commitment of the company continues with the implementation of the range with further beer dispensing systems, and new solutions that satisfactorily meet the needs of consumers and the environment. All this, by exploiting the less possible amount of materials and energy resources, with a consequent lower environmental impact.




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