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Coca Cola soda dispenser

The DYNAMIC Coca Cola soda dispenser features an aluminium structure, ensuring a wide and alluring display. Available with 4, 6, 8 valves and a central medal to enhance the brand. This fountain equipment thanks to its numerous valves is perfect to be used in pubs, cinema and bars.

CELLI Dynamic - Coca Cola soda dispenser
  • 4,6,8 DISPENSERS

Soft-drink dispensing is increasingly developing in view of generating a consumer experience capable to retain customers in time, and will therefore play a crucial role in the creation of this drinking experience in the next few years. The market launch of flavors to customize beverages makes the experience even richer.

Celli is one of the international leaders of the soft drink fountain equipment and Coca Cola beverage. Discover the entire range of soda fountain dispensers, such as the new Lean soft drink fountain.