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Post mix dispenser for Coca Cola

ADRIA is the pre and post mix dispenser for Coca Cola and soft drinks, that features an aluminium red body to enhance the brand and 4, 6, 8 valves.

CELLI Adria - Post mix dispenser for Coca Cola soft drinks
  • 4,6,8 DISPENSERS

Adria is the revolutionary Pre and Post mix dispenser that will change your life, thanks to its cutting edge technology aimed at maintaining the ideal temperature of any soft drink.

Discover the entire range of draught equipment provided by Celli to complete your next fountain soda machine with all the needed components, such as the bag-in-box combination to best preserve the syrup concentrate of your beverage.

Try also our new draught system for Coca Cola by Celli: the Flexa Star coke soda fountain with a stainless steel and vitreous body and an alluring display, where the logo is visible on all sides.