Innovation and Technology

The success of the Celli Group is closely linked to the desire to offer the best drinking and branding experience, with a view to continuous innovation and originality, by ensuring quality products featuring a refined design and advanced technologies, always in line with the needs of an ever-changing market. Celli has always believed in technological innovation.
The pursuit of continuous excellence is evidenced by the significant resources invested in research and development, in a highly skilled and motivated team, in training, in ground-breaking working tools: a choice that makes Celli the ideal partner for the most important projects of strategic innovation. Thanks to this constant technological evolution, over 30 patents were filed in the last 20 years.
Celli was the first company to create and patent a stainless steel compensator in its taps, which are today the most used in the world and are fundamental elements in the dispensing system.
The company has introduced the use of telemetry, thanks to which systems can be remotely supervised and important data are collected to optimise efficiency: this technology is now applied in post-mix and pre-mix overcounter and undercounter dispensing systems, and in water dispensers.

In the field of soft drinks it has created a new multi-valve which enhances even more the consumer experience by enriching beverages with flavours to get custom combinations.

As concerns beer dispensing, Celli has developed a technology (ZeroTech) that makes it possible to freeze the towers and serve extra-cold beer without using secondary cooling systems.
> Technological innovation also becomes a tool to create increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly systems.
In order to remain a privileged partner able to take on the challenges of the future, Celli constantly upgrades and optimises its products with pioneering technologies and tools:
- 2 teams in charge of developing new products, in cooperation with important universities and design centres
- 6 powerful Workstations for graphic design and 3D software
- Technical and Prototypes Department to create previews of products and evaluate with absolute accuracy the technical and aesthetic features already in the pre-production stage
- Laboratory equipped with climate chambers to simulate any environment and electricity condition and a team of engineers in charge of product testing
- Quality control: a team responsible for monitoring and improving the quality standards of the product

Choosing Celli means working with a partner which invests in the search for new technical solutions to obtain products that anticipate the new industry standards.