Quality and Safety

Drink dispensing is an art that resides in creating a comprehensive and consistent experience, even from an aesthetic point of view. For this, technology and design go hand in hand in each Celli product.

The leading beverage brands choose Celli because they know that the difference in the quality with which a drink is served lies in the ideal combination of the ability to pull the beverage and an efficient and reliable dispensing system. Celli has always associated its brand to the quality of the processes and products of its range, pursuing a great passion for excellence and a meticulous attention to detail.

Quality also means relying on high-performance and long-lasting products, able to meet the highest standards. Thanks to a top-level support service and reduced maintenance costs, Celli products have a minimal TCO (total cost of ownership).
Today, Celli products are the hallmark of a perfect consumer experience and contribute to the value of the bars and brands that choose them.

The Group pays great attention to every stage of design and production in order to manufacture dispensing equipment, towers, beverage dispensers and accessories that ensure top-level performances, a unique design and a high technology level, thus becoming a go-to supplier worldwide.

To ensure high quality standards, a quality assessment is fundamental, from the examination of incoming components to the proper operation of the outgoing finished products, by performing tests and checks in equipped laboratories. Celli’s internal quality and safety policy has always been strict and rigorous, encouraging the company to obtain the first certifications for its systems already in the early eighties. The constant path to increase its certifications has continued over time, achieving significant results.
For Celli, quality means facing the challenges of a market that develops new needs by investing in research and development and offering cutting-edge, high-performance and extremely reliable products.

Believing in quality means devoting ourselves to the careful management of business processes, efficiency in product manufacturing and attention to full customer satisfaction.

Quality for Celli is not exclusively linked to the product supplied, but is part of a comprehensive process that includes a top-level service and an extremely reliable technical support. Celli’s know-how, in fact, is fully dedicated to its customers: a complete package of services ranging from initial design (customisation and co-design) and production, to delivery and installation, up to after-sales services: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, spare parts management, strategic services, and final end-of-life disposal of the product.

If you choose Celli you know you can rely on an extensive and excellent network worldwide to ensure the proper operation of the products and always obtain the best drinking experience.