Modularity, design, and performance in a compact, highly innovative system.

The by-now consolidated partnership between Celli and PepsiCo and the association of the “Lean” philosophy with the dispensing equipment business have produced a project for development of the new and innovative Lean Fountain.

Modularity, flexibility, design, interactivity, and sustainability : are the features of the new small-sized compact Celli system that fits in all spaces, even in medium or small concerns, thus expanding the advantages of dispensing to all points of sale.

The Lean system allows smooth switching from undercounter to overcounter to meet all installation needs, and the capacitive touchscreen ensures user-friendly interaction with dynamic customers and proactive bartenders. Respect for the environment is ensured by the use of the ecological cooling gas R290.

Top-level performance, high efficiency, undisputed reliability are the strengths of this new and innovative product. The Lean fountain is easy to install and switch, thanks to embedded pneumatic pumps and an innovative plug-and-dispense system.

Moreover remote monitoring ensures minimal maintenance requirements:the fountain was designed to reduce complexity, the installation time, and the relevant costs, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Its design is extremely attractive, modern, with elegant lines: its proportions are harmonious and perfectly epitomize the iconic design of PepsiCo.

The touchscreen has an elegant user-friendly interface and controls an innovative multivalve capable to dispense the whole range of PepsiCo products,through interactive dispensing selection in the push mode or at 4 different programmable glass doses.

The Lean fountain features an automated filling function to dissolve foam to the desired levelaas well as a cutting-edge sanitization system that calls for technicians to implement the appropriate procedure, thus ensuring high-quality beverage dispensing for a superior drinking experience.

This new system is also equipped with an advanced telemetry feature designed by Celli, creating a groundbreaking monitoring system that allows to review the system’s conditions and consumer habits at all times.

The Celli Group and PepsiCo are proud to introduce the Lean fountain – a highly innovative key project that opens up new opportunities for the beverage market and ensures the superior benefits of the draught to all concerns.

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