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Cosmetal is synonymous with innovation, range completeness and product reliability.
The company has begun to take its first steps in this field with the production of bottled water dispensers. Its brands have made history and have been able to evolve over the years, both in terms of aesthetics and technology, to keep pace with market demands and embrace the latest innovations.
Cosmetal’s strength today lies in focusing on tradition and innovation and combining bottled and point of use water coolers in an alternative and complementary way.
Your water supply offers a variety of opportunities that Cosmetal has been able to seize by developing diversified product lines, designed to respond promptly to consumer needs within the office, home and professional catering industry.

HICLASS, Cosmetal’s latest innovation, meets the demand for high-quality water dispensers having a growing aesthetic value.

This model – the result of the collaboration between Volpi, a Milan-based design firm, and Cosmetal’s research and development department – anticipated trends and was the first to introduce new materials and advanced electronic features.

The use of black tempered glass, the soft touch control panel and stainless steel inserts recall the typical aesthetic taste of the vending world and in particular of the most innovative coffee machines. It shares with the latter the adjustable height of the dispensing area so as to ensure optimal use with bottles, glasses or cups.
The use of electronic thermostats allows you to set accurately the temperature of each type of water available – still or sparkling, hot and cold – while the self-diagnosis and the energy saving systems allow you to check real-time the operation of the dispenser and optimise energy consumption.

Until recently, still and sparkling cold water was the company’s core business, but over the past year we have decided to invest in hot drinks, by creating a product that puts extra hot water into the foreground. In addressing the challenge of the PRO STREAM water boiler, it was essential to develop a high-performance solution that, at the same time, by leveraging on the excellence of Italian design, would allow the brand to stand out in a market dominated by already established players. The tap is the tip of the iceberg, the visible element that sets the product apart and constitutes the buying motive.

PRO STREAM’s technological heart is the built-it unit that supplies but above all maintains water at a high temperature, so as to allow instant dispensing at 98° C. This result has been achieved by working hard on the insulation of the open hot tank which features technology derived from the automotive field, which, it goes without saying, is at the forefront as concerns materials and applications.

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